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Stephen Hogan


Hey there! My name is Stephen Hogan and I do a bunch of stuff. This is my portfolio where I keep a collection of my favourite model and acting work, show you my menswear brand, and link to some my personal projects and other goodies. Currently based in Sydney/Hong Kong

⚠️ NOTICE 01.01.2020 // My +852 phone number has changed, please email me for my new number. Sorry for the inconvinience.

β–² Model/Actor/Host

Stats: Height: 189/6'2" Hips 93/36.5", Waist 83/32.5", Chest 104⁠⁠⁠⁠/41", Shoes 44eu/11.5us, Hair Brown, Eyes Hazel. English, Japanese, Cantonese.

For enquiries about bookings and social media promotion, please contact me directly at

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Editorials, Advertising, Fashion


TV, Film, TV Commercials

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taikoraLIVE is my Twitch channel. I stream randomly a few days a week, mostly playing chill games like Cities Skylines and the occasional rhythm game. Come join and chat, it's always a fun time.

taikoraLIVE on Twitch


An Show with Cleo & Stephen is a podcast I host with drag empress Cleo Moans. It's a hot mess and that's just the way we like it.

β–² Menswear Designer

TAIKORA is my premium mens swimwear and underwear brand. Everything I create is high quality, limited production and completely unique.

This is a one-man-brand, from the product design to the web store and product shipping. I try to make every order an unforgettable experience.

Taikora store



I'm also a graphic designer, web developer, and all round geek. I've designed for games, stores, clubs, studios, mobile phone carriers including NTT DoCoMo, entertainment companies including Disney, and even Australian Government agencies.

These days I design things I'm passionate about, so if you've got an interesting project or would like to discuss branding or web development, you are welcome to get in touch

This website is built entirely by hand because I am picky and like things to be pixel perfect, but for clients I build using CMS like Wordpress and Squarespace. The TAIKORA store is built on Shopify.


ParaStar is a StepMania based dance game, a spiritual-successor to Japanese arcade game ParaParaParadise. It was a short lived game that developed a cult following in later years.

ParaStar was a pet project to honor and continue the eurobeat fun, with graphics and UI developed by me. I hope to pick up development again soon.

Full support for the ParaParaParadise USB PS2 controller

Ver: V0.4 - released 01.06.2012

β–² thanks

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